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Welcome to The Vision Development Team

Your Vision Therapy Resource in Northeast Ohio

Who We Are

The Vision Development Team has a unique approach to eye care that goes beyond simple eye chart reading to help our patients see the world and understand what they experience. Our team approach highlights our individual strengths in order to address the needs of children, adults and seniors with a wide variety of vision abnormalities. We not only diagnose, but we offer therapy to improve visual mastery over problems associated with eye movement and visual focus, convergence, eye-hand coordination, visual memory skills and other related learning problems and eye conditions.

What Is Vision Therapy?

Binocular Vision: The two eyes must work well together for optimum performance. When they don't, problems may include depth perception problems, difficulty with reading and activities such as sports and music, occasional ridicule and learning problems as well as functional deficiency. Because vision is largely a learned skill, exercises are often beneficial in training the eyes to work together.

Strabismus and Amblyopia: The scientific labels for turned or "crossed" eyes and lazy eye syndrome may be intimidating, but success rates for treating these conditions improve with therapy. Our team endorses a comprehensive approach to treatment, including corrective lenses, patches and surgery, but we also recommend that exercises and therapy be initiated as soon as possible. Early intervention with non-invasive techniques can lead to positive results.

Stress Induced Difficulties: In our world, digital technology is pervasive, but spending long days "watching a screen" or performing close work frequently leads to eyestrain, headaches and other visual complaints. Our therapeutic techniques, including special lenses if necessary, can lower the risks of long-term damage.

Focus on Children

Some childhood behavioral problems, including excessive activity, inability to follow directions and memory shortcomings, are related to visual deficiencies and abnormalities. Through an integrated approach, our vision team can help your child with learning proficiency. It is wise to schedule a comprehensive vision screening at least by the time your child is ready to enter school. If a teacher recognizes telltale symptoms of dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, an inability to form written letters and shapes or other learning problems, it is definitely time to seek professional help.

Embracing New Technology

As a full-service optometric clinic, we subscribe to the highest standards of vision care. We also welcome new technology, specifically orthokeratology. Ortho-K, as it is popularly known, offers a night-time "contact" lens that reshapes the cornea, allowing a person to see "perfectly" without glasses for a limited period of time, sometimes as long as 48 hours.

Our team, Dr. Alexandar Andrich, Dr. Angelina Cerny and Patricia Andrich, employs a functional, developmental approach as we strive to improve vision and overall well-being for our patients.

Do you have questions about reflex integration techniques that can help your child with developmental skills? Would you like additional information about sports vision innovations? Or, do you simply want new tinted lenses to ease workspace eyestrain? Whatever your needs in the field of vision, we can help! Call to request an appointment.

Call us at 440-230-0923 today or schedule an appointment online.

Vision Therapy in Ohio | The Vision Development Team

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